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First Baptism

We were on our way to the church house for the revival meeting and as pastors some times do, we started talking about the early days.

Bro. Mike had been called to a small nearby church while he was attending seminary. And sooner or later, it had to happen. He was called on to perform his first baptism. It was at this point he mentioned that baptising procedure was NOT part of the seminary curriculum.

It was an old church, and the baptism pool was underneath the pulpit. For the service the pulpit would be set off to the side and part of the floor removed. Since it was a small church, the choir loft became a dressing area after curtains were pulled.

Every thing had gone smoothly so far. Now it was time for the last candidate, a 300 pound Methodist lady who had moved into the community. And she was afraid of water. She didn't even like a bath on Saturday night. She believed in sprinkling and in a shower. And now she was rethinking her conversion.

He motioned for her to come on down. But she started shaking her head. He thought he could get ahold of her hand, reassure her, and get her on down into the water. Still shaking her head and muttering, "NO," she locked her knees refusing to go under - even for the Lord. Ever resourceful, Bro. Mike moved around to get her knees from behind. The splash covered the stage and the first two rows in the congregation. As she came up, she grabbed for the curtain and down it came, revealing two of the men still without their dry pants.

I understood it was at this point that she decided to remain Methodist and to continue attending her old church when she could. And by the way, Bro. Mike is now on Convention staff, having moved on from the pastorate.

From Bro. Ernest:

The story is true.
The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.


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