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Perfect Attendance

It was the close of the departmental meeting and the manager was telling of a new reward program the company had started. Too much is lost today when employees are away from their posts. So the company was recognizing perfect attendance. For six months perfect attendance, there was the reward of a half-day vacation. For a year there was a plaque and a bonus check.shakehands

I was surprised when my name was called for two years perfect attendance. Silly me, I just assumed that was where I was supposed to be -- in my place doing my job. It had always seemed strange to me when I was in the Navy and received medals and commendations just for doing my job.

Later when I started thinking about it, it dawned on me how cool it was just to be recognized in the Bible. There are 41 times in the Bible where reference is made about "His faithful love." But all too often, our faithfullness is lacking.

Sometimes, the faithful are remembered. Jaebez is remembered just because he prayed -- and what prayers those must have been. Timothy's mother and grandmother are mentioned just because of their teaching him to be the servant of God he was.

Hezekiah, upon being warned by a prophet that his time was at hand, prayed to the Lord to remember "how I have always tried to be faithful to You and what is pleasing in Your sight." And God replied that he was right. So here is 15 more years, and just to prove my promise, "I will cause the sun's shadow to move ten steps backward on the sundial of Ahaz!"

In 2 Kings we find mention that no accounting was required of the construction workers on the Temple, "because they were honest and faithful workers." In Proverbs we find that "faithful messengers are as refreshing as snow in the heat of summer. They revive the spirit of their employer."

I pray that someday when I face my judgment, I will hear the words of the parable about the good and faithful servants and feel the opening words of Matthew 25:21 -- "The master was full of praise." And maybe even hear, "You have been faithful. . .Let's celebrate together."


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