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Discipleship is...

... doing the right thing because we want to, not because we are expected to.

... being a servant both to God and man.

... honouring God with body, soul and spirit.

... loving the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind.

... being 100% committed to the Lord's cause.

... putting the Lord first in all things.

... placing the Lord's desires ahead of our own.

... applying the Lord's will to our mind and emotions.

... accepting the Lord's correction graciously.

... being joyful in the Lord - even while being corrected!

... subverting our will to His.

... centred upon giving rather than receiving.

... becoming a little more like Jesus every day.

... being prepared to die for our Lord.

... honouring and worshipping God as Lord, rather than a 'holy Father Christmas.'

... being the one God would like us to be.

... placing God's needs and others godly needs ahead of our own.

... helping others attain to their ministries, even to the expense of our own.

... being Jesus to others.

... retaining the joy of the Lord in times of personal sadness.

... putting wrongs right - graciously!

... walking as one with the Lord, night and day.

And the result is:

*** A believer praises the Lord in good times, the disciple at all times.

*** The Holy Spirit resides in the believer but shines through the disciple.

*** A believer loves God with heart and mind, while a disciple commits the will.

*** A believer loves God and others, but they are the disciple's life.

*** A believer lives in hope, but for the disciple, God's hope is certain.

*** A believer seeks forgiveness for sin, but the disciple also determines not to walk that path again.

*** A believer has faith in God but the disciple's faith is tempered in the fire of testing.

*** A believer loves the Lord, but the disciple's love is unconditional.

*** The believer serves the Lord in strength, but the disciple is made perfect through weakness.

*** God is part of the believer's life, but the central focus of the disciple.

*** A believer forgives, but the disciple also forgets.

*** A believer communicates with God at their own convenience, but the disciple's heart is open to the Lord at all times.

While none of us can lay claim to living up to all these principles, all of the time - for we have not yet reached perfection - they can remind us of the direction in which we are to go. But let's try our hardest to make our words and actions mirror images of each other.


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