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So what can we say about Bro. Ernest that hasn't already been said behind his back?

Bro. Ernest P. Love says that the 'P' stands for Peter, not Pharisee as some of his seminary brethren have intimated. "Mama always said my head was hard as a rock." BroErn

And while some have hinted that he got his doctorate out of a Cracker Jack box, that is not true. After completing a course from the Progressive Universal Life Church, he was ordained and received his Doctor of Divinity (and other chocolate confections). Bro. Ernest and Minnie Pearl had the same English teacher at Belmont. That in itself explains a lot.

Jesus said that the angels expressed tremendous joy in Heaven over the repentance of one sinner. What do we do? So often we struggle so hard on the battlefield for the Lord that when someone enters the church and the realm of God's love, we seem too worn out to celebrate and to break out the goodies. preachjoyAll too often that new brother or sister in Christ is forgotten and left by the wayside to fend for themselves. While we teach them the commandments, let's also teach them how to rejoice in the Lord.

So let's loosen up! Let's turn up the music. Let the world see that we are more than earnest, pious, dull (stick-in-the-mud) churchgoers. We are full of fun and joy and gladness of heart. Let's tell the world that the Christian is not only filled with the Spirit of God, but also the joy of the Lord. Let's say that, "It's the only way to live", and then let's live it ourselves.*

*Adapted from Sherwood Wirt, World Magazine

Bro. Ernest P. Love is a fictional character created by Garey Southern.
Any resemblance to any pastor you may know is a crying shame, but was not intentional. 


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