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Psalm 23 - A Story

There was once a little girl who was cold and lonely. One day as she walked almost aimlessly along the street of the small village where she lived she met a Shepherd. The Shepherd looked at her with such warm, kind eyes. He said nothing but offered her his hand. Trembling, eyes moist with tears, she reached out to take his hand. As she felt the gentle clasp of his warm, strong & protective hand over hers she felt at once complete, lacking nothing.

The shepherd led her away from the cold, dark streets of her village out into the gentle green pastures There he gave her rest and pasture. She fed on delicacies she had never even seen before. She drank from the quiet stream that watered the pasture. Never had she tasted such cold, fresh, satisfying water. This water went deep into her soul, restoring and refreshing the wounded parts that, almost until that day, she hadn't even realized were there.

As the days went by the Shepherd continued to meet her each day and to feed her and give her rest. He guided her along new paths. Not all the paths were easy and beautiful. Some were dark and sometimes she could feel evil lurking. But all she had to do was reach out her hand and she knew the Shepherd was there and so she did not fear. Sometimes just the sound of his footsteps or the thud of his staff on the pathway was all she needed to find that blessed comfort.

As time went by she learned to love the Shepherd more than life itself. Her greatest desire became to serve the Shepherd, to walk with him, to talk with him, just to sit in his Presence and gaze upon his loving & kind and gentle face.

One day as they walked down the path she looked ahead and she saw a glimmer. As she looked side to side she could see her enemies surrounding her - closing in on her--Sickness--Death. But as she looked ahead the glimmer began to take shape, to take form. She saw a table. One like she had never seen before. Why was it shining? Why did it look so different?

As she walked closer and closer she hardly saw her enemies at the side of the path. She even hardly saw her loved ones either. As she drew nearer her heart began to beat a little faster. She felt the tugging from the sides, how they seemed to want to hold her back. As she looked ahead she became more and more convinced. All she wanted was to reach the table.

She barely heard the words from the side of the path. Some were pulling at her calling her to stay. We love you they said, we need you. She heard their voices. A part of her was heart was pulled toward them but she could not take her eyes off the Table. And the voices of her enemies were almost completely silenced. Fear? Dread? Were they insane? Just look at that Table!

She could now see the Table and oh, standing there waiting for her, was that the Shepherd? But he looked different. What was it? Now her heart practically leaped for joy as she got closer. She had never seen the Shepherd look like this before. Something felt strange. She looked down. What? She had never looked like this before!

Her ragged clothes, her tattered shoes. They were gone. A long flowing white robe caressed her skin. And oh her skin! It felt soft and unblemished. It practically glowed. Yes it did glow! Just like the Shepherd up ahead. Her dream, her goal was here! She had become like Him!

As she approached the Table she fell to her knees before the Shepherd, but he was no longer a Shepherd, but a KING! He reached down to anoint her head with a fragrant oil. As the oil flowed over her she ws filled with the most incredible sense of love and she knew that it would be with her for eternity.

She had reached her journey's end! She would dwell with her Shepherd ,her King forever!!!!!!!!

Patty Williams
March 17, 2001


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